Staying Safe During Air Travel

With the increased crowding on flights these days, as well as the related stress that goes along with flying, long waits for security inspections, and real or implied risks caused by world events, it’s easy for people to overlook some simple ways to keep themselves safe during air travel.

On the Ground / Before You Go

Prohibited Items – be aware of TSA prohibited items and simply don’t carry them.
Expedited Security – a number of options are now available for frequent travelers to have access to faster security checks. For a nominal sum, it’s worth signing up for one of these programs.
Carry-Ons – Be aware and comply with the airline regulations for size and quantity of carry on bags.
Electronics – Make sure your devices, phones, laptops, tablets, are fully charged and available to be turned on for the security inspectors.

Aboard The Aircraft

Dress Appropriately – while people tend to dress for their ultimate destination, in case of a major incident on a plane, it is wise to dress sensibly with particular attention to having supportive shoes.

Pay Attention – Even if you have heard the on board flight announcements a hundred times, the astute traveler pays attention to the details, each and every time, including information about exits, life jackets, oxygen and more.

Seat Belts – You will note that the most experienced travelers keep their seat belts fastened whenever they are seated as disruptive and potentially harmful turbulence can occur at any time during the flight.

Stow Gear Properly – Make sure all of your personal belongings are properly store in the overhead bin and under the seat in front of you, lest they become flying objects during an emergency.

Physical Health – sitting in one position, particularly a cramped one, for extended periods of time can be very unhealthy. On long haul flights, get up and take a brisk walk around the plane once every two hours. A bottle of hand sanitizer and wipes are essential accessories for mass transit today.

Know Where You Are – Experienced travelers count the number of seat rows between their seat and the nearby exits, in case of having to depart the plane in total darkness or if the cabin is full of smoke.

Drinks – Skip the alcohol and drink plenty of water during flights, which can be very dehydrating. Eat light.

Arrive Safe, Sound and Healthy

Following the rules and regs may be inconvenient at times, but they are in place to insure you and your fellow passengers arrive at your destination happy and healthy. The more experienced you become as a traveler, the more you will realize this and running through the basics will become second nature on your trips.